Build Way Better Content Briefs
In Half The Time

Our data-driven content brief workflow ensures that your writers produce comprehensive content that meets your SEO & brand requirements.

Content Harmony gives you a reliable process that lets your content team move fast.

“The workflow is great for our team and it was easy to integrate into our existing content marketing process (it actually made the process a lot faster).”

“This software makes us a better content agency. The technology has shifted our internal processes on how we develop and research briefs.”

“As a client receiving Content Harmony briefs from our agency – this tool absolutely creates trust and insight in the agency’s work, and the ability to quickly move forward. Strongly recommended.”

How Does It Work?

A Workflow That Matches How You Actually Build Content Briefs 📝

✅ Analyze search intent.
✅ Review overlapping keywords and entities that have to be included.
✅ Study competitor document structure.
✅ Build an outline that covers key questions readers have.
✅ Cite & link to itative sources.
✅ Identify visual content requirements.

Sound familiar?

Does this normally take you over an hour?

We’ve covered all of the critical data you need to build great content briefs, faster.


Analyze Search Intent

Our custom search intent classification helps your team understand what types of content Google expects for a given query.


Streamline Your Research

It took our SEOs & content marketing strategists hours to research a topic for clients – until we put everything they needed in one consistent keyword report.


Standardize Your Briefs

Our standardized brief formats help your strategists produce consistent notes every time, so writers have all of the critical details they need.


Share Your Briefs

Clients, freelance writers, editors, graphic designers – with our shareable brief formats you can give the right access to everybody in your content process.

Managed Services

Want Hands-On Content Marketing Support?

Our team can help you get there, whether you’re looking for support with content briefs or building out your team’s content marketing skillsets.


Managed Briefs

Content Briefs As A Service

We build clear and comprehensive content briefs for every keyword you want to target.


Content Marketing

Goal: Level Up Your Team

We work with your team to improve content strategy, creation, & promotion efforts.

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